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6'8 Progressive Modern Hull


Image of 6'8 Progressive Modern Hull
  • Image of 6'8 Progressive Modern Hull
  • Image of 6'8 Progressive Modern Hull
  • Image of 6'8 Progressive Modern Hull
  • Image of 6'8 Progressive Modern Hull

The "progressive modern hull" is a design that I had in mind for a very long time, and I have studied a lot of possibilities during the design,

In two words it is a « modern" displacement hull for maneuvers, quick turns, cut back, which keep the same bottom shape as a classic bottom hull and the same rockers. I got inspired a lot from some BOAT outline I saw in the book « naval architecture of planing hulls » from Lindsay Lord, but also from some Ted Spencer ’s stubby he made back in the 70’s.

But as you could see the change is mainly on the outline, and on the fins, narrower board, but very generous in shape, a thumb tail, and the number one changement is a narrow nose, which stay rounded but much narrower than all the hulls I use to do, so no problem of nose catching while doing a cut back, the widest point has therefore been moved back and placed on the middle of the length, so it is a board that is more surfed on the middle, and back foot, modified with the classic hulls that are surfed in front, the combo of fins and the low rake and forms of the fins will give a particular energy to the board, 3 fins, mostly a single fin and two stabilizers, so that the ass does not spin out, for the side fins I was inspired by a classic D fin seen on 50’s Pigs, but in miniature and for the central fin, a fin with very low rake for quicker turn and faster direction changes. It’s a pivot board.

And the rails are almost low rails, compare to a classic displacement hull’s rail it gives a lot more buoyancy and stability at the bottom of waves or in dead zones, it avoids losing speed or having a board that does not know where to go if the rail is not engage in the wave.

In short terms, a good cut back board, a back foot style board, but more “efficient and radical” than the parallel hull and while retaining the flow of a real displacement hull.

It is a board that I recommend to surf "small" from 6'0 to 7'0 maximum