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V-Bottom 8'2


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  • Image of V-Bottom 8'2
  • Image of V-Bottom 8'2
  • Image of V-Bottom 8'2

From 7'6 to 9'
The V-bottom's i'm working on, is an extreme version of this australian design from the 60's. Having the widest point super far back, on the fin part for a perfect control for the rail to rail style: the deep vee acts as a pivot point for rail to rail surfing. Because the shape is used towards the tail of the board, this helps to make the tail area more responsive at high speeds. trying to make an easy version of it, i turned the vee to a flat bottom shape on the front foot. It will give emphasis on speed once the surfer will go a bit forward on the board, trying to use the vee only when needed (for turn and cut back, rail to rail surfing) i add more tail rocker and a soft kick tail, the deep vee on the tail will be kind of "out" of the water once the surfer will be triming on the middle of the board, on the flat bottom shape part and won't impede the speed as pushing water when no needed.
The nose rocker is super flat.
rails are 50/50, thin.
Flex fin, with wide base, thin tip, and long (13") because of a wide tail, no sliding guarantee.
8'2 X 23 X 3